SCOM 2019: Which management server is my gateway paired to?

Sometimes for a variety of reasons it becomes necessary to try and figure out which gateways are paired to which management servers and unfortunately this is a configuration that can often slip under the radar when documenting a management group.

Luckily there is a simply way to figure this out without having to log on to each server and trawl through the registry.

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Powershell to the recue!

Get-SCOMGatewayManagementServer | where {$_.Name –eq “< GATEWAY SERVER >”} | Get-SCOMParentManagementServer

Note: this command has changed slightly from past versions of SCOM


4 thoughts on “SCOM 2019: Which management server is my gateway paired to?

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  3. Cosmin

    I’ve installed a Gateway server in an untrusted domain, however all the alerts have the gateway as the source and not the server in the untrusted domain. Any ideas how to fix this?


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