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SCOM: Updated Office 365 MP v7.1.5134.0

A new version of the O365 MP is available get it here

New in version 7.1.5134.0

  • Upgraded subscriptions authorization method: the monitoring is carried out by an Azure application, not a specific user. Introduced two options to create an application, essential for the monitoring: manual and automatic: Microsoft Office 365 Global Administrator credentials are required for the automatic option of Azure application creation, while Azure subscription can be used for the second (manual) option. See Managing Office 365 Subscriptions section for more details.
  • Added Message Center messages categorization (see “Office 365 Incidents and Messages” section for details).
  • Added a new Message Center messages type: Planned Maintenance.
  • The Management Pack now inquires Office 365 Service Communications API V2; added a possibility to customize the endpoints and resource URIs in advanced subscription settings of the Office 365 wizard while calling the API. The above changes are provided for further support of Chinese subscriptions.
  • Added “Configuring Proxy Connection” section to the guide;
  • Fixed bug: if there were several locales (Australian, Russian, etc.) present on the workstation, the monitoring was stopping.
  • Updated “Known Issues” section of the guide.


SCOM: New MP for Windows Server 2016 Guarded Fabric v10.0.1.0

A new management pack has been released for Windows Server 2016 Guarded Fabric get it here

Update: The guide has now been added to the catalog 

    The Windows Server 2016 Guarded Fabric Management Pack enables discovery and monitoring of guarded hosts and Host Guardian Service instances in your environment with System Center Operations Manager. The alerts surfaced by this management pack will help you quickly detect and remediate service availability issues with the Host Guardian Service and Hyper-V host misconfigurations that could prevent you from succesfully starting up shielded VMs. Please note that this is a preview release of the management pack and is not suitable for production deployments.



Management Pack Recap – October 2016 Wave

This is a summary of the wave of Management Packs that were released in October 2016. Information and download location in the links provided:

Windows Server 2016 Essentials MP v1.0here
SQL Server Management Packs v6.7.7.0here
Data Protection Manager v2016here
Service Manager v7.5.7487.0here
Orchestrator v7.3.65.0here
Orchestrator Service Management Automation v7.3.81.0here
MP for Open Source Software v7.6.1065.0 – here
Windows Server 2016 Essentials v1.0here
Virtual Machine Manager 2016 MP v10.0.0.1here

If you know of any other Management Packs that have been released recently that I may have missed leave me a note in the comments and I’ll add them