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SCOM: Updated Management Pack for Office 365 v7.0.5112.0

A new version of the Office 365 MP has been released it is version 7.0.5112.0 and is available for download here.

New in this version:

  • Alerting rules now have overridable parameters, which enable the customization of synchronization logics.
  • Autoclose rule now have overridable parameters, which enable the customization of alert automatic closure logics.
  • Minor bug fixes.


SCOM: Oktagonal MM-Schedule v1.0.00

Oktagonal, a company that specialises in infrastructure automation has released a Maintenance Mode scheduler tool for SCOM 2012.

Go here for additional information and pricing. A 30 day trial is also available.


  • Browser-based scheduling, independent of OpsMgr console or web console
  • Ad-hoc, regular and recurring schedules
  • Embed scheduled reboots into maintenance mode schedules
  • Per-class scheduling and per-group scheduling
  • Flexible security model for delegation of targets and schedules through AD Group membership
  • Full audit and execution history, integrated with OpsMgr DB and DW

I particularly like the ability to convert the tech heavy SCOM object names into easy to identify object names and the ability to restrict who can schedule maintenance for which object without requiring console access and we all know how useful auditing is when it comes to maintenance mode.

Definitely a useful tool, I look forward to seeing later iterations.


SCOM: Updated SharePoint 2010 Products MP for SCOM 2007 version 14.0.7135.5000

An updated version of the SharePoint 2010 Products MP has been released this bring us to version 14.0.7135.5000 is it available for download here.

This release is similar to the recent update to the Exchange 2010 MP in that allowance has been made for different versions of Poweshell being installed side by side.

Changes in this update

Changed design to use Powershell 2.0 explicitly when 2.0 and higher versions are installed side by side


SCOM: Windows Server OS MP update 6.0.7294.0

Microsoft is off to an early start this year there is already a new release of the Windows Server Operating System MP, bringing the version to 6.0.7294.0 it is available for download here. **Microsoft has pulled this version from the catalog and reverted to version 6.0.7292.0 a full explanation of the issue has been blogged by Kevin Holman here**

Warning – There is currently a bug in this version of the MP that causes logical disks to be discovered more than once and this causes a flood of performance data to hammer your DB. This issue was discovered by Daniele Grandini.

This release is just a minor update with some bug fixes.

Changes in this version

  • Fixed more performance collection workflows that were failing for mount points


Management Pack Recap – December 2014 Wave

This is a summary of the wave of Management Packs that were released in December 2014.  Information and download location in the links provided:

IBM Storage Management Pack v 2.3.0here

SQL Server MP version – here

Exchange 2010 MP version – here

Exchange 2013 MP version 15.0.663.19 – here

Base OS MP (Windows Server) version 6.0.7279.0 – here

Veeam Report Library MP Version 7.0 R2here