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SCOM: Updated Windows Server Operating System MP v6.0.7316.0

A new version of the Windows server OS MP was released version 6.0.7316.0 can be downloaded from here.

I would advise lab testing is possible due to the previous version of this MP mysteriously being removed from the catalog without any explanation.

The documentation only lists an updated to the “Troubleshooting and Known Issues” section. A comprehensive list is available in the MP guide.


SCOM: Management Pack for Microsoft Azure (Technical Preview) v1.3.22.0

An update for the Azure MP technical preview has been releasd and is available here

New in this version

  • Fixed issue: due to deadlock of Storage Account Capacity Probe threads, Storage Account Size Performance Collection rule did not work, and the corresponding performance counters were not collected
  • Fixed issue: service type page did not display all instances in the authoring wizard when there were more than 1000 instances
  • Fixed issue: storage account state view did not display non-classic storage accounts
  • Fixed performance stability issue observed while monitoring large subscriptions (1000+ objects): all MP components (objects monitoring, objects discovery and counters collection) did not work.
  • Added support for China subscriptions; for details, see Azure in China and Azure for the US Government section
  • Fixed issue with “Add subscription” wizard pertaining to China subscriptions; added a corresponding guidance regarding the required user activity for China subscriptions monitoring, see the corresponding Note
  • Added monitoring of Azure Application Insights alerts for web tests; for more details, see Application Insights Configuration section
  • “Known Issues” section of the guide is updated
  • Updated information about Run As Profiles configuration: Run As Profile Proxy is to be configured manually; see Security Configuration section for details


SCOM: Update from NiCE Oracle MP 4.00

Over at NiCE they’ve released an update for their Oracle MP, version 4.00 has the below improvements and you can get more information here. Including how to join their webinar on September 7th, 4pm UTC+1.

New with this Release
The following changes have been implemented for this release:

  • Improved Oracle Real Application (RAC) Monitoring
  • Oracle Service Monitoring
  • Over 50 new monitors and 50 new performance counters
  • Ease of use: Easy adding new instance to Monitoring
  • Collection scheduler: Performance and usability improvements
  • Improved alert description texts
  • Customizability: New metric filter
  • Performance counter naming improvements
  • Updated display names for MP objects
  • Size monitoring of listener and Oracle alert logs
  • Diagnostic task improvements


SCOM: Version 2.0 of Tim Culhams SCOM healh check script

Tim Culham has been promising version 2 of his health check script for a while now and let me tell you it was worth the wait, it offers a great overview of the health of a SCOM management group on a single page, get it here.

Great stuff Tim.


  • A Data Volume graph where you can instantly see the amount of Alerts, Events, Performance Data and State Changes over the last 7 days
  • The Health State of your SCOM Agents
  • A Graph of your Alert Statistics – how many Open or Closed Alerts
  • Your Management Server Health, Versions, Server Uptime & the number of Workflows they are running. Now updated to include Gateways! Also CPU, Disk and Memory Graphs for each!
  • Any Open Warning or Critical Alerts for your Gateways and Management Servers.
  • The Top 5 Alerts by Repeat Count (use this to identify recurring problems)
  • The Top 5 Events by Computer (see which computers are the noisiest)
  • Your Operational Database & Data Warehouse Servers…how much space they are using, free space, file sizes and locations.
  • Your Operational Database and Data Warehouse Backups. Make sure they are running.
  • Are the Databases being groomed? You’ll be able to tell instantly!
  • Find out what is using all of the space in your Operational Database & Data Warehouse Databases.
  • The Reporting Server and Web Console Server URL’s and if they are OK.
  • The Status of your Scheduled Reports
  • If there are any Overrides in the ‘Default Management Pack’
  • What Discoveries ran in the last 24 Hours and what Properties were changed?
  • Identify agents that are lower than the highest version installed. Use this to see which agents should be upgraded to the most current version
  • Identify Agents that are not Remoteable.
  • Is Agent Proxying Enabled?
  • What Objects are in Maintenance?
  • And it’s available in 2 different colors!


Management Pack Recap – June 2016 Wave

This is a summary of the wave of Management Packs that were released in June 2016. Information and download location in the links provided:

SQL Server MP (Community Technical Preview 2.1)  – here
Windows Server 2016 Guarded Fabric MP v10.0.0.0  –here
Azure SQL Database MP v1.6.1.0here
Windows Server 2016 Guarded Fabric MP v10.0.0.1 – here
SQL Server Management Packs v6.7.2.0here

If you know of any other Management Packs that have been released recently that I may have missed leave me a note in the comments and I’ll add them