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OMS: Container Monitoring solution GA

It’s always great to get new functionality into OMS, today the Container Monitoring solution goes into general availability.

Solution Summary

  • See information about all container hosts in a single location
  • Know which containers are running, what image they’re running, and where they’re running
  • See an audit trail for actions on containers
  • Troubleshoot by viewing and searching centralized logs without remote login to the Docker hosts
  • Find containers that may be “noisy neighbors” and consuming excess resources on a host
  • View centralized CPU, memory, storage, and network usage and performance information for containers

New with GA

  • Kubernetes cluster awareness with at-a-glance hierarchy inventory from Kubernetes cluster to pods
  • New Kubernetes events
  • Capture custom pod labels and provides custom complex search filters
  • Provides container process information
  • Container Node Inventory including storage, network, orchestration type, and Docker version

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OMS / SCOM: Service Map integration with SCOM now in public preview

Hot off the press integration between OMS Service Map and SCOM Distributed applications is now in public preview.

This is a feature that I for one have been looking forward to for quite some time and I hope this is only a glimpse into the possibilities of having OMS and SCOM leverage off each other in the future.

Documentation is available here

Get the MP here

Screenshots courtesy of the MS OMS Blog

OMS Service Map

Integrated SCOM Distributed Application