Monthly Archives: September 2015

SCOM: Updated MP for Windows Server 2012 DHCP v6.0.7295.0

We also have a new management pack for Windows Server 2012 DHCP being released this month, version 6.0.7295.0 can be found here

New features and updates:

  • The properties view of Failover Server Relationship does not display all the IP addresses, with this fix the properties view of Failover Server Relationship will display all IP addresses.


SCOM 2016: Management Pack for SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview

For those that want to see what can be monitored with the upcoming SharePoint 2016 there is now a management pack to monitor the SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview:


  • Health monitoring of SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview
  • Monitors Events and Services and alerts when service outages are detected
  • Monitors Performance and warns users when SharePoint performance is at risk
  • Forwards users to up-to-date TechNet knowledge articles


SCOM: Alerting on Exchange 2013 Database Failover

As it turns out the Exchange 2013 MP will not be able to alert you should your Exchange 2013 databases fail over, this is by design, as Microsoft does not consider this condition to be an issue.

There is a great article by Scott at which addresses this issue for Exchange 2010, it is quite simple to apply the same thinking for use with Exchange 2013. The event is the same, the target just needs to be Exchange 2013 server.




Management Pack Recap – August 2015 Wave

This is a summary of the wave of Management Packs that were released in August 2015. Information and download location in the links provided:

Management Packs for Windows Server Technical Preview – here

Windows Server MP v6.0.7297.0 – here

Veeam MP v8here

If you know of any other Management Packs that have been released recently that I may have missed leave me a note in the comments and I’ll add them.