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SCOM: MP for .NET Application Performance Monitoring with Visual Studio Application Insights

A new preview management pack if you which extends the APM functionality to include Visual Studio Application Insights get it here

Here is a nice set of installation instructions.

Note that this is a preview so I would suggest extensive testing before using in a live environment.


SCOM: Updated Windows Server 2012 DHCP MP v6.0.7301.0

An update has been released for the Windows Server 2012 DHCP MP version 6.0.7301.0 is available here.

What’s new

  • If the property scope id length of the failover server watcher class exceeded the max length, then Failover Server Watcher was not being discovered and hence could not monitor DHCP failover servers. The fix ensures that discovery is successful.
  • In a DHCP server with multiple scopes, if two or more scopes have same name when the alert raise for one scope it automatically raises the alert for another same scope name. The fix ensures that alerts are sent only for generated scope.


SCOM: MP update SQL (Community Technical Preview 2) v6.7.5.0

Technical preview 2 of the new SQL management packs are out for preview, get them here.



  • Improved Dashboards performance
  • Fixed issue: Regular\Virtual group tile will show 0 objects if user adds a new group before the previous one has been saved
  • Fixed issue: virtual group filtering for Generic Distributor does not work
  • Fixed issue: tooltips on some menus appear in unexpected places
  • Fixed issue: Web Console is crashing upon right-clicking the Hamburger menu
  • Fixed issue: button captions are cropped in some dashboard localization packs
  • Fixed issue: instance dashboard displays data for the item that is the first in the list if no items appear after applying a filter
  • Fixed issue: the first group object is not in focus after clearing “Filter” field if there were no search results
  • Fixed issue: Summary dashboards appear to be in a strange state if one installs only Dashboards MP without SQL MPs
  • Fixed issue: Bulk Add Tiles does not trigger the refresh action
  • Fixed issue: object and alert counters of Virtual groups containing real groups display zeros
  • Fixed issue: an error appears in Web Console when using keyboard for navigation in “Add Aggregated Monitor” dialog
  • Fixed issue: unexpected scrolling behavior in the instance view when using mouse scroll
  • Fixed issue: markup of the dialog for adding classes gets broken when the scrollbars are displayed
  • Fixed issue: wrong width value of the Edit dialog
  • Fixed issue: there is no refresh action after saving the edited Virtual Group configuration
  • Fixed issue: white-screen exception when working with a dialog in Web Console
  • Fixed issue: datacenter and instance queries fail when a special set of classes is selected

SQL Server 2016 / 2014 / 2012 /2008 / 2005

  • Added support for configurations where computer host names are longer than 15 symbols
  • Added “Event ID” to descriptions of all the alerts generated by the alerting rules
  • Deprecated “Run As Account does not exist on the target system, or does not have enough permissions” rule
  • Added 2 rules for alerts generating when there are problems with execution of the monitoring workflows scripts on the following agents: “MSSQL: Monitoring failed” and “MSSQL: Monitoring warning”
  • Added “MSSQL 2016: Discovery warning” rules to generate alerts when there are non-critical problems with execution of the discovery scripts (warning events in the Operations Manager log)
  • Changed “MSSQL 2016: Discovery failed” rules to generate alerts for only critical errors during executing discovery scripts
  • Improved error logging in the MP scripts
  • Fixed some issues in the scripts, which could lead to unstable work with WMI
  • Fixed the issue when not all available performance counters were presented at “All Performance Data” view in Memory-Optimized Data sub-folder
  • Added a new overridable parameter to monitor “Stale Checkpoint File Pairs Ratio” in order to ignore databases having the number of checkpoint file pairs less than the threshold (300 by default)
  • Made “Resources Pool Memory Consumption (rollup)” enabled by default
  • Updated the visualization library


Management Pack Recap – August 2016 Wave

This is a summary of the wave of Management Packs that were released in August 2016. Information and download location in the links provided:

SCCM MP v5.00.8239.1009  – here
SQL Server MP (Community Technical Preview 1) v6.7.3.0here
UNIX and Linux MPs v7.5.1060.0here

If you know of any other Management Packs that have been released recently that I may have missed leave me a note in the comments and I’ll add them