SCOM: MP update SQL (Community Technical Preview 2) v6.7.5.0

Technical preview 2 of the new SQL management packs are out for preview, get them here.



  • Improved Dashboards performance
  • Fixed issue: Regular\Virtual group tile will show 0 objects if user adds a new group before the previous one has been saved
  • Fixed issue: virtual group filtering for Generic Distributor does not work
  • Fixed issue: tooltips on some menus appear in unexpected places
  • Fixed issue: Web Console is crashing upon right-clicking the Hamburger menu
  • Fixed issue: button captions are cropped in some dashboard localization packs
  • Fixed issue: instance dashboard displays data for the item that is the first in the list if no items appear after applying a filter
  • Fixed issue: the first group object is not in focus after clearing “Filter” field if there were no search results
  • Fixed issue: Summary dashboards appear to be in a strange state if one installs only Dashboards MP without SQL MPs
  • Fixed issue: Bulk Add Tiles does not trigger the refresh action
  • Fixed issue: object and alert counters of Virtual groups containing real groups display zeros
  • Fixed issue: an error appears in Web Console when using keyboard for navigation in “Add Aggregated Monitor” dialog
  • Fixed issue: unexpected scrolling behavior in the instance view when using mouse scroll
  • Fixed issue: markup of the dialog for adding classes gets broken when the scrollbars are displayed
  • Fixed issue: wrong width value of the Edit dialog
  • Fixed issue: there is no refresh action after saving the edited Virtual Group configuration
  • Fixed issue: white-screen exception when working with a dialog in Web Console
  • Fixed issue: datacenter and instance queries fail when a special set of classes is selected

SQL Server 2016 / 2014 / 2012 /2008 / 2005

  • Added support for configurations where computer host names are longer than 15 symbols
  • Added “Event ID” to descriptions of all the alerts generated by the alerting rules
  • Deprecated “Run As Account does not exist on the target system, or does not have enough permissions” rule
  • Added 2 rules for alerts generating when there are problems with execution of the monitoring workflows scripts on the following agents: “MSSQL: Monitoring failed” and “MSSQL: Monitoring warning”
  • Added “MSSQL 2016: Discovery warning” rules to generate alerts when there are non-critical problems with execution of the discovery scripts (warning events in the Operations Manager log)
  • Changed “MSSQL 2016: Discovery failed” rules to generate alerts for only critical errors during executing discovery scripts
  • Improved error logging in the MP scripts
  • Fixed some issues in the scripts, which could lead to unstable work with WMI
  • Fixed the issue when not all available performance counters were presented at “All Performance Data” view in Memory-Optimized Data sub-folder
  • Added a new overridable parameter to monitor “Stale Checkpoint File Pairs Ratio” in order to ignore databases having the number of checkpoint file pairs less than the threshold (300 by default)
  • Made “Resources Pool Memory Consumption (rollup)” enabled by default
  • Updated the visualization library


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