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SCOM: Extensible Network Monitoring Management Pack Generator tool

A new tool has been released to assist in creating management packs for network monitoring get it here

I know from experience that having to walk a MIB file manually in order to determine which OIDs to use can be a tedious process. Tools like this one should make the whole experience much more manageable.

Tool Details

      Network Monitoring Management Pack Generator tool package includes a UI tool – SNMP_MPGenerator.exe and a command line tool – NetMonMPGenerator.exe.
    • SNMP_MPGenerator tool has an inbuilt MIB browser. Users can load MIB files, search through the Object Identifiers (OIDs) related to devices and components they wish to monitor.
    • This tool would support custom network devices in addition to already supported device type such as Switch, Router, Firewall and Load Balancer. Users can define monitors and rules targeted to the network devices.
    • Users can also discover and monitor discrete components of network devices. They can create monitors and rules for device components such as Processor, Memory, Fan, Temperature Sensor, Power Supply, Voltage Sensor and Custom device components.
    • Users can define monitors and rules for multiple devices in a single project file and generate a single Management Pack for all those devices.
    • NetMonMPGenerator.exe is a command line tool for users who wish to generate MP through command line. Users would need to provide an input XML to the command line tool to generate custom MP. The input XML would have all the device information and workflows (monitors and rules) defined on the device.


The future of SCOM, learnings from the technical preview.

A question I’ve often posed regarding SCOM is, “Why do should we be using 3rd party utilities to perform certain functions?” and the one that comes up most frequently is scheduling maintenance mode.

Well it’s finally here and i’m not surprised to see it as the first feature cropping up in the community blogs, as it is exciting, we’re finally getting the ability to create maintenance mode schedules from inside the product.

You can find this feature under the administrators node in the console.

I for one am certainly looking forward to see what other surprises are in the System Center goodie bag, more to follow.


SCOM: Platform Ready Test Tool 1.1

A new tool released by Microsoft to help with MP Authoring.

The Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool for System Center 2012 R2 is designed to help test your Operations Manager Management Pack for compatibility and compliance to best practices. Use this tool to achieve Application Logo Certification for System Center and qualify testing status as part of the Microsoft Partner Network Competency program. The MPR Test Tool is a wizard style tool that implements technical requirements described in the Microsoft Platform Ready Test Requirements Criteria document. • More information about the System Center Application Logo Certification Program can be found at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=241671

Download here


SCOM: Silect MP Author goes to SP3

Silect has released SP3 of their MP Author, the new version comes with a host of new features.

Product information page – here
Request a free download – here

New features:

  • Improved knowledge viewing and editing in multiple language environments
  • Improved XML editing
  • New feature to “Check for missing display names”
  • Added ability to use base classes other than LocalApplication when creating new classes
  • Additional MP elements are displayed
  • Added a drop down list of $$ parameters for alert messages
  • Schedule property grid made more user friendly
  • Improvements to memory usage
  • We’ve also fixed a number of bugs in this release.