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This site is run by Warren Kahn. I currently work at Microsoft, headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa, as a Senior Technology Specialist focused on monitoring and other Azure core technologies

I have over 20 years of I.T. experience, with more then 15 years in the monitoring arena. Coming from a background in CA Unicenter, I moved to MOM / SCOM support in 2007 and haven’t looked back.

My current role encompasses working with customer as a trusted adviser to support and maintain the IT infrastructure of the company’s clients as well as installation, configuration and administration of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and Azure Monitor as well as their related components and infrastructure.

Email: Mail@OpsMan.co.za


14 thoughts on “About OpsMan

  1. Berny Stapleton

    What did you code MMtool in?

    I’ve got a dev here at work who’s got a couple of weeks downtime and I wanted something like this coded up (Including group support).

  2. Carl

    Hi Warren

    Im trying to setup my 1st gateway server for scom 2012, im trying to import the certificates, the cert server is seperate from the scom rms and gateway server. do i need to open the ports between the cert server and gateway aswell before i can access it?

    1. Warren Kahn

      Hi Carl,

      I’ve successfully setup a gateway in the past using the scenario you describe, you shouldn’t need your gateway to be able to access your certificate server. You may get an error saying that windows won’t be able to access the CRL from your CA but that’s just a warning. You just need to issue the certs and import them on the gateway and management server with the trusted root certificate. Hope this helps.

  3. john

    I am unable to delete a management server from scom 2012 console. i have moved all the agents to another server, removed it from all resource pools but still no luck. Any advice?

  4. john

    The Management Server could not be deleted because some devices are reporting to it. Reassign all devices to different management server, and then try again

  5. john

    Hi Warren,

    The agentless devices are not reporting to it and I have removed ALL the network devices discovered by SCOM

  6. john

    Hi Warren,

    Do you have a PS script that I can run against the OpsDB that can tell me what is still pointing to the MS?

    1. Warren Kahn

      By any chance was the server you are removing your RMS Emulator?

      You can try this:

      Get the agents managed by a management server

      The first command gets the management server object named MgmtServer01.Contoso.com and stores the object in the $MgmtServer variable.
      The second command gets the agents that are managed by the management server stored in $MgmtServer.

      Windows PowerShell
      PS C:\> $MgmtServer = Get-SCOMManagementServer “MgmtServer01.Contoso.com”
      PS C:\> Get-SCOMAgent -ManagementServer $MgmtServer

  7. john

    Definitely not. I found a script that displays all the info wrt management servers and agents, it is sitting on 0. I also removed the BME from the OpsDB, still no luck. MS call logged


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