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SCOM 2012 R2: Update Rollup 6

Update Rollup 6 for SCOM 2012 R2 has just been released. As usual the update can be done through windows update or downloaded through the MS catalogue here. As always give this update a thorough test before deploying to your live environments.

Fixes in this update:

Operations Manager

  • The “Remove-DisabledClassInstance” Windows PowerShell command times out without completingThe cmdlet takes lots of time to complete in large SCOM installations and sometimes times out without completing its work. This is fixed by optimizing the query that is used for deletion.
  • Duplicate closed alertsThe Find option in a message view sometimes gives results of the current search together with the results from previous searches. This occurs because of an update issue in the grid and is fixed so that values are displayed that correspond only to the current search.
  • Topology widget objects lose location when they are opened in a console that has a different locale and decimal formatTopology widgets that are created in one locale but are viewed from another locale display an incorrect location because of the widget’s inability to interpret locale-specific formatting. This issue is fixed, and users can now create and view topology widgets from different locales.
  • WebConsole Details widget does not display anythingWhen you click a message in the Alert widget, the details of the message are not displayed in the details widget on WebConsole. This issue is fixed by fixing the XAML page of the details widget. The XAML page was preventing the data from being displayed on the page.
  • Top 10 Performance widgets (WebConsole) are sometimes emptyThe Top 10 Performance widgets (WebConsole) are sometimes empty because of a performance issue. This issue was fixed in Update Rollup 3 through an MPB file that requires a manual import. Because many users missed importing the MPB, a fix is included in this update rollup as an SQL query update.
  • Problem with decoding SCOM trace log filesSometimes Operations Manager trace logs do not decode but generate the error “Unknown(X ): GUID=XXX (No Format Information found).” This occurs because the latest TMF files that contain formatting information for the related traces are missing. All TMF files are updated to make sure that traces are formatted correctly.

Unix/Linux Management Pack

  • JEE: WebLogic 12.1.3 servers on Linux or Solaris are not discoveredWebLogic 12cR1 Rel3 Java Application Servers that are installed on Linux and Solaris are not discovered.

    Note The UNIX or Linux agent must be updated after you install the Management Pack update to resolve this issue.

    Relevant log messages:


    Trace [scx.core.common.pal.system.appserver.appserverenumeration:379:15739:139715041470400] Weblogic process does not contain the ‘platform.home’ or ‘weblogic.system.BootIdentityFile’ commandline argument.2015-02-04T15:28:18,797Z
    Trace [scx.core.common.pal.system.appserver.appserverenumeration:462:15739:139715041470400] Merging previously known instances with current running processes

  • In rare cases, lots of omiagent processes may be observed on a UNIX or Linux computerIf a single instance of data that is returned by an OMI provider is larger than 64 kilobytes (KB), the omiagent process becomes unresponsive, and additional omiagent processes are created. This issue can occur on a managed UNIX- or Linux-based computer if a rule or monitor returns an instance of data larger than 64 KB. This is most likely to be seen when a custom shell command or script rules return lots of data in StdOut.

    Note After you upgrade the Operations Manager UNIX/Linux agent to the version that is contained in this Management Pack update, an instance that exceeds 64 KB will be truncated and will generate the following message in the scx.log file. You can use the log message to identify and change the workflow that is returning too much data.

    ExecuteCommand: Exceeded maximum output size for provider (64k), output truncated. Monitoring will not be reliable! Command executed: “
  • The SSLv3 protocol cannot be disabled in OpenSSL as used by the UNIX and Linux agentsWith this update, you can now disable the SSLv3 protocol for the Operations Manager UNIX and Linux agents. You can do this by adding a property to omiserver.conf (/etc/opt/microsoft/scx/conf). If SSLv3 is disabled, the UNIX and Linux agent will reject connections that cannot be negotiated by using TLS encryption. If SSLv3 is enabled (this is the default configuration), SSLv3 will be used only if TLS encryption cannot be negotiated.

    omiserver.conf options for configuration SSLv3

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    Property Description
    NoSSLv3=true|false Enable/Disables use of SSLv3


SCOM: Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V MP v7.1.10107.0

An updated version of Microsofts Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V management pack has been released version 7.1.10107.0 is available for download here.

Updated in this version:

  • Changed the format of management pack file from MP type to MPB type
  • Fixed bug that prevents the free disk space from being collected and therefore prevents the monitors tracking disk space from firing correctly. This could lead to disks filling up and outages as a result of this not being detected correctly.
  • Fixed bug that was generating 11903 events with the exception “The Microsoft Operations Manager Expression Filter Module could not convert the received value to the requested type.”. These events are raised by Microsoft.Windows.HyperV.2012.R2.VirtualDrive.FreeSpaceMonitor


SCOM: Windows Server Storage Spaces 2012 R2 MP v1.1.253.0

Version of the Windows Server Storage Spaces 2012 R2 is available for download here

This Management Pack contains rules to monitor physical disk and enclosure state in storage spaces.

Management Pack Scope

This management pack supports up to:

16 Storage Nodes 12 Storage Pools 120 File Shares.


The following requirements must be met to run this management pack:

  • Operations Manager Connector for Virtual Machine Manager installed and configured.

        Configuring this connection will install the required VMM Management Packs.

  • Storage Spaces managed by Virtual Machine Manager.
  • KB2913766 “Hotfix improves storage enclosure management for Storage Spaces” must be installed on the VMM server and file server nodes



SCOM: Updated MP DPM 2012 R2 MP V 4.2.1276.0

An updated version of the DPM 2012 R2 MP has been released it is available for download here.

Full details of the enhancements to this version and the new reports capability are available at the following article 


SCOM: A System Center service may not start after applying the update in KB2677070

An issue to keep an eye our for in your SCOM and SCSM envionments

This KB article contains 5 potential workarounds if you find yourself experiencing the below problem:

After applying the following update, the System Center Data Access service or the System Center Management Configuration service may fail to start with a time-out error.

2677070 – An automatic updater of revoked certificates is available for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 (

Also, after opening the Service Manager console the following error may be displayed:

Reporting Data Warehouse management Server is currently unavailable. You will be unable to view reports or administer the Data Warehouse until this server is available. Please contact your system administrator. After the server becomes available please close your console and re-open to connect.


SCOM: Updated MP Cisco IMC version 1.2(1)

Cisco released an update to their IMC Management Pack, it is available for download from the Cisco support website here.

Release 1.2(1) includes the following key features :

  • Support for new faults in Cisco IMC releases 2.0(2) and 2.0(3)
  • Supports cmdlets for the following operations:
    • Add IMC group, Update IMC group
    • Get/Enable/Disable IMC rules in the management pack.
  • Dedicated Service Machine for Cisco IMC Group Monitoring
  • Supports upgrade from v1.1 and v1.0


SCOM: Update Rollup for Microsoft Monitoring Agent KB 3032946

Microsoft has just announced a new update rollup for the Microsoft Monitoring Agent, the KB article and download link is here.

Issues that are fixed in this update rollup

  • Proxy settings are added to the agent setup wizard.
    Users can now provide proxy settings while they complete the agent installation wizard.
  • Account validation steps are added to the wizard.
    After users enter an account and workspace to connect to Operational Insights, the wizard performs a test to verify that the account information is valid.
  • Connection status is added to Control Panel.
    A connection status feature is added to Control Panel settings for the Microsoft Monitoring Agent.


Management Pack Recap – March 2015 Wave

This is a summary of the wave of Management Packs that were released in March 2015. Information and download location in the links provided:

Microsoft Workflow Manager MP v1.0.2015.0 – here

Exchange 2013 MP v15.0.665.19here

Microsoft Windows Server AD CS v7.1.10100.0here

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2013 MPhere

HP MSA P2000 MP v1.1.3.8here

If you know of any other Management Packs that have been released recently that I may have missed leave me a note in the comments and I’ll add them.