SCOM: Version 2.0 of Tim Culhams SCOM healh check script

Tim Culham has been promising version 2 of his health check script for a while now and let me tell you it was worth the wait, it offers a great overview of the health of a SCOM management group on a single page, get it here.

Great stuff Tim.


  • A Data Volume graph where you can instantly see the amount of Alerts, Events, Performance Data and State Changes over the last 7 days
  • The Health State of your SCOM Agents
  • A Graph of your Alert Statistics – how many Open or Closed Alerts
  • Your Management Server Health, Versions, Server Uptime & the number of Workflows they are running. Now updated to include Gateways! Also CPU, Disk and Memory Graphs for each!
  • Any Open Warning or Critical Alerts for your Gateways and Management Servers.
  • The Top 5 Alerts by Repeat Count (use this to identify recurring problems)
  • The Top 5 Events by Computer (see which computers are the noisiest)
  • Your Operational Database & Data Warehouse Servers…how much space they are using, free space, file sizes and locations.
  • Your Operational Database and Data Warehouse Backups. Make sure they are running.
  • Are the Databases being groomed? You’ll be able to tell instantly!
  • Find out what is using all of the space in your Operational Database & Data Warehouse Databases.
  • The Reporting Server and Web Console Server URL’s and if they are OK.
  • The Status of your Scheduled Reports
  • If there are any Overrides in the ‘Default Management Pack’
  • What Discoveries ran in the last 24 Hours and what Properties were changed?
  • Identify agents that are lower than the highest version installed. Use this to see which agents should be upgraded to the most current version
  • Identify Agents that are not Remoteable.
  • Is Agent Proxying Enabled?
  • What Objects are in Maintenance?
  • And it’s available in 2 different colors!


3 thoughts on “SCOM: Version 2.0 of Tim Culhams SCOM healh check script

  1. Tim Culham

    Thank you so much for the plug 🙂 I’ve worked pretty hard on this and appreciate any feedback (good or bad)…I’ve got a few more dashboard designs swimming around in my head and I can’t wait to bring them to the SCOM world.

  2. Baljeet Singh

    Thank you Sir such grateful Report.

    I am able to run the report with any issue expected the database. i know if because of limited permission to database. I will work on this with sql team. i have strange issue, when i run this report in IE and click on allow content, nothing appears in Graph. I would have like to attached this report. Due to company policy can not this.

    Same report is working fine in Non-Production Environment with graphs. Request you to put some light on this problem


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