SCOM – Updated Veeam Report Library MP Version 7.0 R2

Veeam has released a new version of their popular Report Library for System Center, this version, 7.0 R2 follows the release of the hyper-v enabled Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center and is available for download here.

The Veeam Report Library for System Center includes:

  • Veeam Alert Statistics Report– shows alert statistics for selected filter parameters.
  • Veeam Alert History Report – shows information on alerts raised for infrastructure objects across a time range.
  • Veeam Performance Report – aggregates historical data to show performance counter values on one or more charts and tables.
  • Veeam Performance Details Report – aggregates historical data to show performance counter values with drill down for data.
  • Veeam Generic Performance Top (Bottom) N Report – aggregates historical performance data to show top or bottom N infrastructure objects, performance counters, or both, for a specific rule.
  • Veeam Relationship History Report – allows you to choose a specific type of relationship between infrastructure objects and track changes for this relationship over a time interval.
  • Veeam State Summary Report – shows the time in healthy/unhealthy state for selected infrastructure objects’ monitor across a time range.


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