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SCOM 2022: GA Hooray!

The latest and dare I say greatest version of SCOM has just been released. Lets unpack some of the exciting new features, a full list and details are available here!

Overall this is a fantastic update and really shows the investment in SCOM that Microsoft is making.

Enhanced Operations Manager RBAC

This one is a great improvement which has been a long time coming, the addition of a Read-only Administrator role makes it much easier for say auditors to view the environment without any risk. It’s also now possible to create Custom User Roles so it’s now possible to give someone access to just install agents.

Improved Alert closure experience

One of the more controversial changes in SCOM 2019 was that alerts could not be closed unless the underlying monitor was in a healthy state. While this does have some benefits you now have the option to open out back to the old alert experience.

Support for GMSA from the word go

It’s now possible to use GMSA account right in the installer from SCOM 2022 RTM

Native Teams Notifications
We now have the ability to send notifications directly to Teams natively which opens up some really interesting ways to use notifications to handle our alert lifecycle.

Many Quality of Life updates

Specific registry keys will be retained during UR updates
Custom installed agent paths will be retained during upgrade
.Net 4.8 support
A new column in the alert view to show if the source is a monitor or rule
Change tracking reports have their own folder
Source (FQDN) is now viewable in the management pack tuning view.
Support for newer browsers
Support for newer Linux versions
Certificate now get encrypted with SHA256
Install on Always On without the need for post configuration changes

That’s it for now, happy monitoring!