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SCOM: Management Pack for Microsoft Azure (Technical Preview) v1.3.22.0

An update for the Azure MP technical preview has been releasd and is available here

New in this version

  • Fixed issue: due to deadlock of Storage Account Capacity Probe threads, Storage Account Size Performance Collection rule did not work, and the corresponding performance counters were not collected
  • Fixed issue: service type page did not display all instances in the authoring wizard when there were more than 1000 instances
  • Fixed issue: storage account state view did not display non-classic storage accounts
  • Fixed performance stability issue observed while monitoring large subscriptions (1000+ objects): all MP components (objects monitoring, objects discovery and counters collection) did not work.
  • Added support for China subscriptions; for details, see Azure in China and Azure for the US Government section
  • Fixed issue with “Add subscription” wizard pertaining to China subscriptions; added a corresponding guidance regarding the required user activity for China subscriptions monitoring, see the corresponding Note
  • Added monitoring of Azure Application Insights alerts for web tests; for more details, see Application Insights Configuration section
  • “Known Issues” section of the guide is updated
  • Updated information about Run As Profiles configuration: Run As Profile Proxy is to be configured manually; see Security Configuration section for details


SCOM: Updated MP for Azure SQL Database v1.6.1.0

An updated version of the MP for Azure SQL Database v1.6.1.0 is available here.

Updates and Fixes

  • Added a number of new monitors and rules, including the following:
  • CPU Usage (%)
  • Workers Usage (%)
  • Log write (%)
  • Data I/O (%)
  • Sessions (%)
  • Count Failed Connection
  • Count Successful Connection
  • Count Connection Blocked by Firewall
  • Count of Deadlock
  • Count Throttling long transaction
  • Count Connection Failed
  • XTP Storage (In-memory OLTP Storage, %)
  • Deprecated Collect Microsoft Azure SQL Database Internal/External Network Egress/Ingress performance rules
  • Deprecated Federation and Federation member workflows
  • Implemented rebranding: the management pack and some workflow names have been changed