SCOM: NiCE releases management pack for zLinux

It is always great when the  capabilities of Operation Manager are extended to monitor new areas that were previously outside of the general WinTel scope. The latest addition from NiCE is a zLinux management pack.

The NiCE zLinux MP is the first product of its class that provides monitoring of Linux server distributions on the IBM  system z platform using Microsoft System Center. IBM System z is a universal name used by IBM for all its mainframe  computers. These mainframe computers have gone through a number of name changes and are also known as System/390 or zSeries.

This management pack allows for inclusion of your zLinux components into your SCOM system which enables you to get a complete picture of the systems that are dependent on zLinux in a single end-to-end view.

• Perform ‘Logical Disk Health checks’
i.e. easily ascertain the availability and performance of your Logical Disk (File System) instances
• Carry out ‘Network Adapter Health checks’ i.e. determine the availability and performance of your Network Adapter instances
• Execute ‘Operating System Health assessments’ i.e. effortlessly discover the availability and performance for Red Hat Enterprise
Linux Server Operating System instances
• Determine the health of your processor by effectively monitoring your processor instances

More information is available at the NiCE Customer Portal


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