SCOM: Caution with management packs in large environments

Kevin Holman recently published a great article about the inherent pitfalls of importing a management pack into an environment without understanding the intended scope, scalability, and any known/common issues.

Specifically he discusses the Dell  Hardware Management Pack (Detailed Edition) which has a small scalability limitation of 300 agents.

The lesson to learn here is – be careful when importing MP’s.  A badly written MP, or an MP designed for small environments, might wreak havoc in larger ones.  Sometimes the recovery from this can be long and quite painful.   An MP that tests out fine in your Dev SCOM environment might have issues that wont be seen until it moves into production.  You should always monitor for changes to a production SCOM deployment after a new MP is brought in, to ensure that you don’t see a negative impact.  Check the management server event logs, MS CPU performance, database size, and disk/CPU performance to see if there is a big change from your established baselines.


Go here for the full article, definitely worth the read.


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