SCOM: MP for SharePoint Server 2016

A new MP for SharePoint Server 2016 has been released it is available for download here.

The guide does not seem to be in the catalog yet but setup seems to be the same at for the SharePoint 2013 MP.

The SharePoint management packs can be quite tricky to get working, there are some particular access requirements which aren’t completely documented.

  • Local admin on all SharePoint Front End and Application Servers
  • Local admin on all SQL machines that host SharePoint databases
  • Full Farm Administrator rights within SharePoint
  • DBO for all SharePoint databases

With the above access and correct configuration of the run as account and all should be fine.

Note: needs to be in the same location on all management servers in your management group. Otherwise the discovery task might not complete.


2 thoughts on “SCOM: MP for SharePoint Server 2016

  1. Joan Martin

    Technology never ceases to amaze me. Every other say there are new developments and even more interesting things being talked about for future. Endless possibilities makes me even more curious. Wonderful insights here at you blog. Shall keep watching this space for more! 🙂

  2. curtiss

    i can’t find anything about the local administrator requirement in either the 2013 and 2016 MP guides. they both say sharepoint farm administrator and dbo on the sharepoint databases.


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