System Center: Update Rollup 11 for System Center 2012 R2

UR 11 is out all the details are available – here

Products that have an update are: Service Provider Foundation, Virtual Machine Manager and also the Windows Azure Pack Websites.

We will see later in the week if other products are also getting updates,


12 thoughts on “System Center: Update Rollup 11 for System Center 2012 R2

  1. Adnan

    something I was wondering. It is actually two different things I was wondering about :-).
    First of all, we are on UR7 at the moment and my question here is “can we go straight to UR11” (are SC update rollups cumulative?)
    And second: according to there is a list “Upgrade Sequencing for System Center 2012 R2” is it safe to have different UR versions on different components? To clarify, we are running all of them.

    Thanx in advance

    1. Warren Kahn Post author

      Hi Adnan,

      The updates are all cumulative so you can indeed go form UR7 straight to UR11.

      To answer your second question, the upgrade sequence is important if you use integration between the different components such as between Orchestrator and Service manager. If your systems are not integrated it shouldn’t be an issue to have different versions of say SCOM and SCCM. If they are integrated then doing the updates in sequence is advisable.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Adnan

    Hello Warren and thank you for the reply. Your answer indeed helped a lot.

    About my second question, just to be more precise what information I´m looking for, Ref: : According to this website not all components gets UR11. Integration between SCOM and VMM will be ok, both get UR11 this time. But for example there is no UR11 for Windows Azure Pack. Would it be safe to run UR11 on VMM, SCOM, SPF, DPM and Windows Azure Pack Websites while still on UR7 on Windows Azure Pack? Or is it best practice to upgrade Windows Azure Pack to latest UR available?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Warren Kahn Post author

    Generally speaking as long as everything is on the latest version you should be fine but I haven’t experienced this situation myself so it may be best to seek guidance from Microsoft to be 100% on the safe side.

  4. Shivakumar

    Hello Guys,,

    With respect to Update Rollup Upgradation, We are also in same situation and queries what Adnan had.

    All our Component are with UR7 (SCVMM,SCOM,WAP,SCO,SPF, SMA) and planning to upgrade UR11.

    @Adnan / Warren Kahn: Do you have any latest update on the queries what Adnan had? if so please share the details with me, it will be helpful.

    1. Warren Kahn Post author

      Hi Shivakumar

      Thank you for your question. Here is the recommended sequence for upgrading system Center 2012 R2:

      1 Service Management Automation
      2 Orchestrator
      3 Service Manager
      4 Data Protection Manager (DPM)
      5 Operations Manager
      6 Configuration Manager
      7 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
      8 App Controller
      9 Service Provider Foundation
      10 Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server
      11 Service Bus Clouds
      12 Windows Azure Pack
      13 Service Reporting

      Link for reference

  5. Shivakumar

    Hi Warren Khan,

    Thank you for your valuable information.
    In our case components are integrated this way = SCVMM->SCOM->SPF->WAP , if we upgrade all other components to UR11 and WAP to UR10 or any other component in the chain, will that cause any issue?

    Is there any MS article where we can find directly we can upgrade to latest UR.

    Also i observed Microsoft says there is no update rollup for WAP in the UR11, but i found there is also a UR11 for WAP technology… i don’t know how do i trust this links.

    MS Says No UR11 for WAP in this link :

    and i found there is UR11 for WAP :

    Also if you have any reference links or blogs with respect to UR upgrade for System Center technology , Kindly share the same.

    once again thank you for your time in replying to this thread.


    1. Warren Kahn Post author

      Hi Shivakumar

      UR11 for WAP was released some time after the other System Center products. The articles you reference were published on 31 Aug and 3 Nov respectively.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Mohd Anish

      Hi Shivkumar,

      In my case also components are integrated same way = SCVMM->SCOM->SPF-> WAP.
      But I want to upgrade from UR6 to UR7 (as per client requirement). What are the pre-upgrade and post-upgrade task??


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