Supercharge your Career Development Plan with a little help from AI!

Career development planning can be challenging, time consuming and even overwhelming. I’ve looked at using popular AI tools such as ChatGPT to see if this process can be easier and let me tell you, it certainly can be.

Here are several AI prompts and instructions that I’ve used to great effect and wanted to share so that others can benefit from them too.


First CareerGPT which now comes in two flavors both of which will help you create a quality career development plan quickly and easily, which you can then use in future planning and career discussions.

The guided experience (v1) – Step through an easy to uses guided approach to creating a development plan with explanations and tips to help you get the best outcome.

The prompts, instructions and original article can be found here –

The advanced experience (v2) – Join your virtual career panel that will ask you questions and make recommendations to help you build your career plan. This is a more “human” experience and is focused on the output rather than the guided step-by-step approach.

Learn more about the advanced experience here
The prompts and instructions can be found here –
Check out my colleague Werner building his career plan, in under 10 minutes, using the guided experience over on Youtube

Role advisor

Sometimes all we need to get started are some ideas for future roles, this conversation can unfortunatly be a little bit like asking a child “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If all we’ve even been exposed to are doctors, teachers and tiktokers then it’s hard to think outside that box.

Enter Role Advisor here to help you find career options suited to your skillset, read more about it here

The prompts and instructions can be found here –


Hopefully this has been useful, it would be awesome if you could take 1 minute to fill out a short survey to let me know how this worked for you, so that I can make this better in the future!

Find the survey here –

Enjoy and happy career planning!


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