SCOM: Windows Server MP updated to 6.0.7310.0

Note: it looks like 6.0.7310.0 has been pulled and replaced with 6.0.7297.0 no reason has been given at this time.

The windows Server MP has been updated to v 6.0.7310.0 it is available for download here.

Changes in this version

  • Several bugs located in Clustered Shared Volumes MP were fixed (see below); error handling migrated to common recommended scenario. Enabled quorum monitoring via changing the monitoring logic. The monitoring logic is splitting for Nano Server (with usage of PowerShell) and all other operation systems.

o    Fixed bug: disk free space monitoring does not work on Quorum disks in failover clusters.
o    Fixed bug: logical disk discovery did not discover logical disk on non-clustered server with Failover Cluster Feature enabled.
o    Fixed bug: clustered shared volumes were being discovered twice – as a clustered shared volume and as a logical disk.
o    Fixed bug: mount points were being discovered twice for clustered disks mounted to a folder – as a clustered Disk and as a logical disk.
o    Fixed bug: Clustered Shared Volume was being discovered incorrectly when it had more than one partition (applied to discovery and monitoring).

  • Added support for Nano Server Failover cluster disk monitoring: the monitoring logic was fixed based on improved cluster discovery with registry and WMI. Error handling was also corrected. Logical disk correct discoveries on non-cluster server with Failover Clustered Server Feature is installed.
  • Created new overrides for Clustered Shared Volume MP, as long as the old ones did not work.
  • Some cosmetic changes were introduced for cluster disk monitors alert messages.


4 thoughts on “SCOM: Windows Server MP updated to 6.0.7310.0

    1. Warren Kahn Post author

      Hi Jim,

      It looks like it has been pulled and an older version has been put up in it’s place. I haven’t been able to ascertain a reason yet.


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