SCOM: When updating the IBM Storage Management Pack to 2.1.0

When updating the IBM Storage Management Pack to 2.1.0 there are a few things to be aware of, most of which is included in the documentation.

After completing the installation, running the upgrade configuration and removing the old management packs and importing the new ones we still weren’t able to re-discover the IBM SAN.

The documentation recommends, in the configuration section that, “The IBM storage configuration must be synchronized with Management Server manually  if there is storage configuration left after upgrading from previous version to version 2.1.0. The IBM storage configuration also should be synchronized with the Management Server manually after the management pack is deleted and re-imported.”

Except that the command skipped all of our SANs.


Checking the SCOM configuration revealed that something which shouldn’t have happened, had happened. The SCOM configuration had been lost during the upgrade


Using the –sc-set command to re-do the configration was successful, which allowed the migration to complete and in short order the SANs were discovered and monitoring.



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