SCOM: Updates PKI Certificate Verification MP – v1.3.0.0

One of the more popular community management packs has received an update, Raphael Burri’s PKI Certificate Verification MP is now on version and can be downloaded from here.

New in this version:

  • Added Tasks: Archive Certificate, List Certificate Properties, Disable/Enable Monitoring, Rediscover
  • Added Recoveries: Archive Certificate, Disable Monitoring
  • Added Discovery: Web Hosting certificate store (Server 2012 / 2012 R2)
  • Additional certificate property: Certificate Template. It is also listed on reports.
  • Discovery filter expanded to certificate template.
  • Alert description: Additional details on the certificate chain and SCOM action account used.
  • CRL Lifetime Monitor: Threshold is exposed as an overridable parameter.
  • CRL health roll up monitor added.
  • Expiring certificate view & report: Default threshold of 1 month may be overridden.
  • Views: Changed criteria on views to make them more reliable when using user scopes.
  • Reporting bug: Certificate inventory did not list all certificates.
  • Additional MP: Rediscovery Tasks. Immediate trigger of store content discovery after archive, disable/enable or rediscover tasks

For a full explanation of these changed please visit the original article at Raphael Burri’s blog here


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