SCOM: Updated NiCE Oracle Management Pack version 3.10

NiCE have released an update to their Oracle Management Pack offering. Information on version 3.10 as well as pricing is available at their site

This new version comes with a nice (pun intended) dashboard view as you can see below, as well as a host of new features:



NEW Oracle Database monitoring features:

  • Upgraded widget-based visual dashboards
  • New and upgraded monitors and rules
  • Improved support for various cluster technologies, incl. FailSafe, RAC and DataGuard
  • Even more cluster support: Updated cluster views and discoveries
  • Dedicated Oracle 12c container database discoveries, monitors and rules
  • Support Oracle 9i,Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c included
  • Usability improvements for the configuration of large environments
  • Improved diagnostic tasks for SQL monitoring
  • Various documentation updates and extensions
  • Build-on and enhanced MP Self-Monitoring
  • Custom performance rule parameter to configure data warehouse storage

NEW Oracle ASM monitoring:

  • Full features Oracle ASM instance monitoring – out of the box
  • Discovery and monitoring of ASM Disk Group and ASM Instances
  • Unit monitors purpose build for ASM
  • Performance rules and views dedicated to ASM
  • Integrated into real application cluster views


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