SCOM: “sync time” property

Here is a great article on using the “Sync time” property correctly in SCOM overrides and workflows, written by Kevin Holman, follow the link for the complete article. On a side note it’s good to see Kevin back in the saddle as a PFE for SCOM. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to what wizardry he comes up with.

“We use the scheduler datasource in SCOM for workflows for all kinds of purposes.  Most workflows have some concept of a schedule in the datasource to tell how often to inspect for something, like a service running, or to look at perfmon data, or to run a script.

The most common property would be the Interval, which is how often we want the workflow to run.

SyncTime is another common property.  This is used to tell the workflow to run “synchronized” on a very specific point in time.  From:


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