SCOM: OpsLogix VMware MP V1.3.2.10

OpsLogix, a company long involved in developing management packs to improve the functionality of SCOM, have released an update to their VMware management pack. It is already available if you have a valid support contract.

Version contains following changes or additions:

  • The VMware modules have been optimized to take up less cpu/mem resources.
  • Previously, the performance collections for Virtual Machines were disabled by default. In this version you can enable it with an override.
  • Performance collections for Virtual Machines are set to 15min intervals
  • Performance monitoring for Virtual Machines and ESX Hosts are set to 5 min intervals
  • Added Virtual Machine Snapshot to count monitoring as running level and total count
  • Added property to see what snapshot is currently used for the Virtual Machine
  • Added the location path of the Host and Virtual Machine. For example: now you can see on which host a Virtual Machine is currently running.
  • Removed the overall status of a datacenter based on the VMware api. A rollup based on the availability status has been added.
  • Added availability, configuration, performance and security rollups for the datacenter.
  • Added VMware tools status monitoring.
  • Optimized the connections/session to the Vcenter or hosts to read out the monitoring data.
  • Updated the layout of the configuration dashboard.
  • Extra log features have been added to debug the management pack by using special registry keys.
  • The password is now always stored as FIPS. In environments without FIPS it will fall back to NON-FIPS.
  • Updated installation guide with new UI screenshots.


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