SCOM: Community Management pack for monitoring VMware

This management pack was brought to my attention by Mitch Luedy in response to a question I posed about VMware monitoring solutions for SCOM that specifically showed Datastore information. It’s is always great to see the monitoring community coming together to enhance the solution as a whole.

The MP is available as a free download from here and offers Availability and Performance Monitoring of VMware vCenter Inventory Objects as well as state relationships between various VMware objects.

The management pack uses VMware PowerCLI and PowerShell to gather vCenter objects and come with pre-created views such as below:

Views StateView

Screenshots courtesy of


15 thoughts on “SCOM: Community Management pack for monitoring VMware

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      1. Kim

        I have the same question – we also use the vSphere appliance and are also interested to know if it’s possible to monitor it with this MP.
        For example would it work if we installed the VMWare PowerCLI on a SCOM gateway server?

        1. Warren Kahn Post author

          Hi Kim,

          I know that people have met with mixed success using this solution. It may be worthwhile contacting the author Mitch Luedy.

          Have you considered other options as well?

  2. Jesus

    I installed de MP and every two hours the monitoringhost.exe of the management server crashes.
    Te Management Server agent shows gray.

    I have installed and configured services connectors to SCOM and depends on this MS, notification and management server resource pool…

    The question is if exists any update or upgrade to solve this issue or it’s necessary debug the scripts and the Management pack or buy a non free solution?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Warren Kahn Post author

      Hi Jesus,
      Unfortunately I am not the author of this MP so I am not sure if there is an update, you can contact Mitch Luedy. Have you determined that the route cause of your issue is in fact the MP does removing the MP resolve your issue, I ask as it is possible that there is more then one factor involved?

      Generally speaking the paid solutions are always better then the free ones, for the simple reason that you get support included. when issues like this come up.

      1. Joren

        I found this in the Read me document:
        Multiple monitoring scripts running to collect and monitor using the VMware PowerCLI providers causes this contention. This can lead to MonitoringHost.exe crashes and memory leakage. The next release should address this issue.
        I’m having the same issue (only VMWare MP on the server)

  3. Juan-Manuel Mora

    Hi there, I was trying to use this MP but I got the the vCenter Objects as a Not monitored, I tested access for the monitor account all is fine, any ideas why?

  4. scom tn

    Hi all, I could run the MP, but I had problems and I had to uninstall it because the process MonitoringHost.exe took the cpu to 100%, could someone solve this problem?

    1. steven

      how you get it working? are you using management server or gateway server in the resource pool and how the profile assignment.

  5. Warren Kahn Post author

    Hi Steven,

    What sort of issue are you experiencing? I used a management server in the resource pool although I haven’t used this pack for some time.


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