SCOM 2012: Translating Notification subscription ID to Subscription Name

If you ever need to get from a Notification subscription ID to the subscription name it is luckily quite easy to do.

First locate the following in the notification email Notification subscription ID generating this message:  02F7588F-3BEA-BE7A-A004-D4863FA1119D

Then use the following power shell command:

Get-SCOMNotificationSubscription -id <Notification ID > | ft DisplayName

and replace <Notification ID > with the Notification subscription ID, in this example 02F7588F-3BEA-BE7A-A004-D4863FA1119D

Get-SCOMNotificationSubscription -id 02F7588F-3BEA-BE7A-A004-D4863FA1119D | ft DisplayName


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