SCOM 2012 SP1: Update Rollup 8

Microsoft has recently released a new update rollup for SCOM 2012 SP1, it’s good to see that they are continuing support for the clients that havent migrated to R2 yet.

The update is available for download here and fixes the following issues:

  • The Health Service bouncing that is caused by high memory usage in the MonitoringHost process.
  • This update includes a fix to prevent resynchronization of all managed entities from the Operations Manager to the Operations Manager Data Warehouse (OMDW) database and to prevent the failure to sync that this causes because of duplicate entries. The duplicate entries cause the following exception to occur:
    Data was written to the Data Warehouse staging area but processing failed on one of the successive operations.
    Exception ‘SqlException’: Sql execution failed. Error 2627, Level 14, State 1, Procedure ManagedEntityChange, Line 367, Message: Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘UN_ManagedEntityProperty_ManagedEntityRowIdFromDAteTime’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.ManagedEntityProperty’.

  • The import of Visualization.component.library and Visualization.library binary files (.mpb) fails. The import succeeds on a successive try.
  • System Center Operations Manager agents randomly time out when authenticating to the Gateway or Management Server because of domain controller or network performance issues. The time-out value was set to 1 second earlier. A fix was made to increase server time out to-20 seconds and client time out to 5 minutes.


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