SCOM 2012 R2: Update rollup 8 has been released

Microsoft has released update rollup 8 for SCOM 2012 R2. As usual the update can be obtained through Windows update for the update catalog.  The update gives additional certification for network devices as well as several bug and performance fixes.

Issues that are fixed in this version

  • Slow load of alert view when it is opened by an operator
    Sometimes when the operators change between alert views, the views take up to two minutes to load. After this update rollup is installed, the reported performance issue is eradicated. The Alert View Load for the Operator role is now almost same as that for the Admin role user.
  • SCOMpercentageCPUTimeCounter.vbs causes enterprise wide performance issue
    Health Service encountered slow performance every five to six (5-6) minutes in a cyclical manner. This update rollup resolves this issue.
  • System Center Operations Manager Event ID 33333 Message: The statement has been terminated.
    This change filters out “statement has been terminated” warnings that SQL Server throws. These warning messages cannot be acted on. Therefore, they are removed.
  • System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager: Report event 21404 occurs with error ‘0x80070057’ after Update Rollup 3 or Update Rollup 4 is applied.
    In Update Rollup 3, a design change was made in the agent code that regressed and caused SCOM agent to report error ‘0x80070057’ and MonitoringHost.exe to stop responding/crash in some scenarios. This update rollup rolls back that UR3 change.
  • SDK service crashes because of Callback exceptions from event handlers being NULL
    In a connected management group environment in certain race condition scenarios, the SDK of the local management group crashes if there are issues during the connection to the different management groups. After this update rollup is installed, the SDK of the local management group should no longer crash.
  • Run As Account(s) Expiring Soon — Alert does not raise early enough
    The 14-day warning for the RunAs account expiration was not visible in the SCOM console. Customers received only an Error event in the console three days before the account expiration. After this update rollup is installed, customers will receive a warning in their SCOM console 14 days before the RunAs account expiration, and receive an Error event three (3) days before the RunAs account expiration.
  • Network Device Certification
    As part of Network device certification, we have certified the following additional devices in Operations Manager to make extended monitoring available for them:

    • Cisco ASA5515
    • Cisco ASA5525
    • Cisco ASA5545
    • Cisco IPS 4345
    • Cisco Nexus 3172PQ
    • Cisco ASA5515-IPS
    • Cisco ASA5545-IPS
    • F5 Networks BIG-IP 2000
    • Dell S4048
    • Dell S3048
    • Cisco ASA5515sc
    • Cisco ASA5545sc
  • French translation of APM abbreviation is misleading
    The French translation of “System Center Management APM service” is misleading. APM abbreviation is translated incorrectly in the French version of Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager. APM means “Application Performance Monitoring” but is translated as “Advanced Power Management.” This fix corrects the translation.
  • p_HealthServiceRouteForTaskByManagedEntityId does not account for deleted resource pool members in System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager
    If customers use Resource Pools and take some servers out of the pool, discovery tasks start failing in some scenarios. After this update rollup is installed, these issues are resolved.
  • Exception in the ‘Managed Computer’ view when you select Properties of a managed server in Operations Manager Console
    In the Operations Manager Server “Managed Computer” view on the Administrator tab, clicking the “Properties” button of a management server causes an error. After this update rollup is installed, a dialog box that contains a “Heart Beat” tab is displayed.
  • Duplicate entries for devices when network discovery runs
    When customers run discovery tasks to discover network devices, duplicate network devices that have alternative MAC addresses are discovered in some scenarios. After this update rollup is installed, customers will not receive any duplicate devices discovered in their environments.
  • Preferred Partner Program in Administration Pane
    This update lets customers view certified System Center Operations Manager partner solutions directly from the console. Customers can obtain an overview of the partner solutions and visit the partner websites to download and install the solutions.


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