SCOM 2012: NiCE Logfile Monitoring Management Pack

Now as some of you may know out of the box SCOM capabilities to monitor log files can fall a bit short under certain circumstances. Luckily a company called NiCE, which has also developed management pack solutions for applications such as Oracle, SAP, DB2 and others, is releasing a full featured Log File MP to the community and best of all it’s FREE.


Here is a comparison between the Native SCOM capabilities and the enhancements offered by the NiCE Log File MP.

comparison2This is a feature rich management pack offering a range of custom rules and monitors which also cater for log line correlation and preprocessing scenarios as well as customizable alerting and behavior for when a log file is missing or does not exist.

Stefan Roth has already written a nice review of some of the management pack capabilities: here using a custom monitor with a robocopy log file to determine when copies have failed.

The free Log File management pack is available for download from


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