Introducing System Center 2025: A New Era of Datacenter Management

It’s always exciting when a new version of SCOM is on the horizon and managing IT datacenters just got easier with the upcoming release of Microsoft System Center 2025. This new version, set for General Availability in fall 2024, promises to enhance your datacenter management experience with a focus on infrastructure modernization and heterogenous infrastructure management.

What’s New?

  • Day 0 Support: System Center 2025 will launch alongside Windows Server 2025, ensuring immediate management support for the latest server version.
  • Azure Stack HCI 23H2: Enhanced management and monitoring capabilities for Azure Stack HCI 23H2 clusters with VMM & SCOM 2025.
  • VMware VM Conversion: Improved experience converting VMware VMs to Windows Server through VMM.
  • Linux Support: Latest Linux distros will be supported upon SCVMM 2025’s release.
  • DPM 2025: New features include disk exclusion from Hyper-V backups and integration with SharePoint Subscription Edition.

Security Enhancements

  • Reduced CredSSP and NTLM Use: A significant decrease in scenarios requiring these authentication mechanisms.
  • Generation 2 VMs: All VMs created through VMM will default to this generation for secure booting.
  • TLS 1.3 Support: The latest encryption technology to protect data transmissions.
  • Azure Key Vault Integration: Secure storage of passphrases in DPM 2025, leveraging Azure’s cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure Arc-Enabled SCVMM
  • Azure Management Services: Utilize services like Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Monitor for SCVMM managed VMs.
  • Lifecycle Operations: Perform start, stop, create, scale, resize, and delete operations on SCVMM managed VMs in customer datacenters.

Discontinued Features

  • Azure Profiles and SPF: These features in VMM are being replaced by Arc-enabled VMM capabilities.

For a more detailed look at System Center 2025 and to sign up for early access, check out the full article on the official Microsoft website. Happy managing!

Reference: Announcement: System Center 2025 is here – Microsoft Community Hub


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