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SCOM CB: Updated Azure Management Pack v1.6.0.0

An update to the Azure management pack has been released get it here:

Changes and fixes:

  • Fixed false errors about required access to DataAccess service when monitor classic alert rules in the Gateway configuration
  • Improved names and descriptions for workflows that responsible for metricalerts presentation in Operations Manager Console
  • Updated section “Azure Alerts in Operations Manager” in Guide
  • Changed alert names for warning alerts created on dynamic monitors
  • Declare compatibility with System Center Operations Manager 1801
  • Implemented validation on “the given key not present in the dictionary” issue
  • It is possible to upgrade from CTP, but user is recommended to re-create Azure MP template in Authoring section to obtain new changes and perform modifications

SCOM 1807: Updated Management Pack for Microsoft Azure v1.5.20.18

The Azure management pack has had an update get it here

This updated contains primarily new features.

Updates and features

  • Added the “Audience URI” field in the Endpoints Configuration for the Azure Subscriptions Wizard
  • Implemented monitoring of Non-classic storage account
  • Implemented monitoring of Application gateway
  • Fixed issue of obtaining data with Azure Data Factory
  • Implemented monitoring of Azure Data Factory
  • Metric collection for Classic storage account is not supported
  • Implemented monitoring of Service Bus in SPN mode
  • Implemented monitoring  support for Gateway Server

SCOM 2016: Updated MP for Microsoft Azure Stack v1.0.1.0

An updated management pack has been released for Microsoft Azure Stack, version is available here.

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments. Only Azure Stack lets you deliver Azure services from your organization’s datacenter, while balancing the right amount of flexibility and control—for truly-consistent hybrid cloud deployments.

New in this version:

  • Implemented “Edit Deployment” wizard.
  • Improved the authentication by means of Azure Active Directory (UPN authentication) and Active Directory Federation Services (UPN and AD FS SPN authentication).
  • Implemented UI improvements in “Add Deployment” wizard.
  • Implemented the Capacity Dashboard.
  • Implemented Auto Maintenance Mode Monitoring Rule that checks if any updates are run on Azure Stack regions and switches regions that are being updated to maintenance mode in Operations Manager. Implemented Turn Off Auto Maintenance Mode and Turn On Auto Maintenance Mode tasks to manually disable and enable the Auto Maintenance Mode.
  • Implemented improvements to reflect changes in the API.
  • Updated the display strings.
  • Added a workaround to support Alert names and descriptions to be displayed in the Operations Manager Reports as a plain text.

SCOM: Management Pack for Microsoft Azure (Technical Preview) v1.3.22.0

An update for the Azure MP technical preview has been releasd and is available here

New in this version

  • Fixed issue: due to deadlock of Storage Account Capacity Probe threads, Storage Account Size Performance Collection rule did not work, and the corresponding performance counters were not collected
  • Fixed issue: service type page did not display all instances in the authoring wizard when there were more than 1000 instances
  • Fixed issue: storage account state view did not display non-classic storage accounts
  • Fixed performance stability issue observed while monitoring large subscriptions (1000+ objects): all MP components (objects monitoring, objects discovery and counters collection) did not work.
  • Added support for China subscriptions; for details, see Azure in China and Azure for the US Government section
  • Fixed issue with “Add subscription” wizard pertaining to China subscriptions; added a corresponding guidance regarding the required user activity for China subscriptions monitoring, see the corresponding Note
  • Added monitoring of Azure Application Insights alerts for web tests; for more details, see Application Insights Configuration section
  • “Known Issues” section of the guide is updated
  • Updated information about Run As Profiles configuration: Run As Profile Proxy is to be configured manually; see Security Configuration section for details

SCOM: Updated MP for Azure SQL Database v1.6.1.0

An updated version of the MP for Azure SQL Database v1.6.1.0 is available here.

Updates and Fixes

  • Added a number of new monitors and rules, including the following:
  • CPU Usage (%)
  • Workers Usage (%)
  • Log write (%)
  • Data I/O (%)
  • Sessions (%)
  • Count Failed Connection
  • Count Successful Connection
  • Count Connection Blocked by Firewall
  • Count of Deadlock
  • Count Throttling long transaction
  • Count Connection Failed
  • XTP Storage (In-memory OLTP Storage, %)
  • Deprecated Collect Microsoft Azure SQL Database Internal/External Network Egress/Ingress performance rules
  • Deprecated Federation and Federation member workflows
  • Implemented rebranding: the management pack and some workflow names have been changed